Some Exciting New Gadgets Tech Lovers Will Rave About

Shopping for the geek in your life can be difficult. They either already have 5 of what ever tech gadgets you found, or the cool tech accessories they do want are unaffordable. Luckily, if you are looking for gadgets as gifts or just for your own use, we have some of our top favorites for you.

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit

This gift is perfect for preppers, family and friends you care about, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This compact kit can easily fit in a backpack or under the seat of a car, but carries potentially life saving equipment in the face of disaster.

This kit contains over a dozen items useful in an emergency situation. Everything from a flint stone to start a fire, to an emergency blanket for those cold nights with a broken down car. This kit is perfect for those who secretly dream of survival situations, and for anyone just in case that emergency situation actually happens.

Evapolar First Nano Tech Portable Personal Air Cooler/Humidifier/Cleaner

 Let’s face it, if you don’t agree with everyone else about the temperature settings in the office, summers can be miserable. Fortunately, the solution is here and it is environmentally friendly. This compact air cooler is small enough to sit on your desk and uses only as much energy as a light bulb, but will cool, clean, and humidify the air in your office.

All you have to do is add water and enjoy. If your friend or family is constantly complaining about the temperature in the office (or perhaps the temperature you like in the house) offer them the delightful relief provided by an Evapolar air cooler. They will be sure to love it.

Yopoon Cycle Computer

Biking can be a wonderful way to stay healthy, lose weight, and transport yourself in an environmentally friendly manner. If you know someone who enjoys riding their bicycle, or is perhaps just getting into it, they will love this cool tech accessory.

This tiny computer attaches to your bicycle handle and gives you a number of helpful pieces of data. It can tell you how fast you are going, how much fat you have burned, how far you have traveled, and much more.

For the beginning biker trying to lose weight, seeing how far you have traveled or how much you have burned can be a great deal of encouragement. For the mountain biker, seeing how fast you are going can be an exhilarating experience.
All in all this is the perfect tech gadget for any bike lover, and for those who want to get more out of their biking experience.

Wall Climbing Remote Control Car

If you’re looking for a gift for a child or perhaps a big kid at heart, a remote control car is an awesome choice. This one ascends from an ordinary R/C vehicle to an incredible one however, with its ability to climb up walls.

This car can not only handle steep inclines, the walls, and even the ceiling, but it can also take a fall and not shatter. Perfect for kids 3 years and up, and for adults of all ages. It even comes with a quick charge adapter so you can get back to racing as soon as possible between charges.

Universal Travel Power Adapter

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel? This handy gadget is a must for anyone who wants to go outside the country. This is especially handy for those who travel for work, or tech lovers that simply must take all of their usual accessories along with them.

The Universal Travel Power Adapter lets you adapt your laptop, phone, or other cool tech accessories to the electricity of foreign countries. If keeping your cell phone or laptop charged is important to you or someone you know, you’ll definitely want to get one of these handy little gadgets.

iRobot Roomba R960

Know a busy mom on the go that needs a little extra help around the house? How about a technology lover who would love a cooler way to clean his home? The Roomba R960 is a great solution for anyone who would rather leave the cleaning to someone else.

The Roomba R960 is a meticulous robot that will stop at nothing to clean every inch of your home. It can vacuum an entire level of your house, including hard to reach spots and those tight corners. When it is all finished cleaning, it will even return to its charging station and charge itself.

Invisible Secret Spy Nano Wireless Earphone Earpiece for Mobile Phone

Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of being a spy every once in a while. While our dreams of espionage may well stay that—just dreams—this tiny earpiece may be a fun novelty item for the geek in your life.  This tiny little communicator is designed to rest against your ear drum and help you communicate invisibly.

Great for those in the security field, business, and more. Easy to remove from your ear using the magnet enclosed with it, and works with your phone. You can talk with other people easily, and those around you will never know.

Party Projector Stage Light

Know someone who loves to party? Surprise and delight them with a light that can add cool effects to their next pool party or barbecue. With 7 different modes, it can add a festive feel in a variety of different colors and combos.

This light can sink with music for a rhythm that matches the tempo, or mimic ocean waves. The perfect gift for the person who loves to be the life of the party.


If you’re having trouble finding the next cool tech accessory to give to your friend or family member, look no farther than these amazing products. No matter what tech gadgets your friends or family are passionate about, one of these will be sure to take their hearts the next time you want to give them a gift.

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