Five Tips to Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape

Laptop_MaintenanceComputer repair can be costly. You’ll probably dedicate hours of your time before you decide to contact a shop that will cost you at least $100 to fix a problem that could have been avoided. Sometimes, hardware fails and you’re out of warranty. It’s not your fault and there was really nothing you could do. However, most of the problems that PC users experience can be avoided through proper maintenance. Here are five tips to keep your computer in shape and prevent a worst case scenario:

Tip #1: Save all the CDs that were provided with your newly purchased computer! This is especially important when buying second hand computers that already have software installed such as Microsoft Office. If ever you need to reinstall your operating system, you will have trouble getting your sound, internet or camera working without the driver software from the CDs. Additionally, you’ll need the product keys you used to register any software you bought. Keep everything!

Tip #2: Backup your important data TODAY. Not tomorrow, not later, not next week. RIGHT NOW is the best time to backup any data you cannot do without. Data recovery is often possible on dead hard drives but it is very expensive. Moreover, you might need those documents to prepare Wednesday’s presentation. Keep all important documents backed up on another hard drive or at a remote location (Many businesses offer automated backup services to remote servers for relatively cheap)!


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