Five great reasons to make your next chair an Electric Recliner Chair

If it is time to replace your favorite lounging chairs, you may be browsing the various styles online and wondering what sort you should get. If you’ve been considering an electric recliner chair as a possible new addition, here are five great reasons why you should order one today.

They give you extra support

While a regular lounge chair is just fine for most activities, when it comes to sitting back and taking it easy, your joints are definitely ready for a break too. Many Electric Recliner Chairs are designed with your comfort and support in mind, and some even have built in features such as massagers to help add to your comfort while at rest.

They improve your circulation

 Putting your feet up and reclining in an electric reclining chair isn’t just comfortable—it can be good for your health. Elevating your feet and reclining allows for better blood circulation, which promotes healing and can reduce swelling and inflammation. This is particularly good news if you have a job where you stand for long periods of time, are pregnant, or have swelling due to poor circulation. An electric recliner chair can be a life saver.

They ease back pain


Chronic back pain is a fairly common complaint, but even if you’re sore only occasionally that pain can feel like it will never go away. A recliner can help by taking pressure off of your spine. All you need to do is recline back just a little bit. You’ll still be able to watch TV, eat, and relax, but your back will feel better during the process.

They allow you more options

As comfortable as your current lounge chair may be, if it doesn’t recline, you’re missing out on a more restful experience. Being able to adjust your position in a chair can make relaxing so much more comfortable. It may seem like a few degrees wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but when you are able to try it, you’ll never go back.

They give you peace of mind


If you have an older person in your household, you may worry about them falling and being unable to get up. While nothing can completely protect your parents, grandparents, or other respected elders, a recliner can help give them the extra help they need to safely get in and out of their lounge chairs. It’s great to know that not only is it helping them with other health benefits such as the ones benefited above, but with a push of a button they can also get a little help out of the chair when it is time to stand up.

Electric Recliner Chairs have a lot of great benefits to them, and they come in many attractive options to fit any décor. If you have been thinking about ordering an electric recliner chair, let us help you with one of our top recliner picks. You’ll be able to make your evenings so much healthier and more pleasant with this one simple addition.


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