Best Smart Watches of 2018

Smart watches have been rapidly gaining popularity with both fitness fanatics, and people simply trying to watch their weight. It’s a great way to combine messages, fitness, time, and so much more at just a glance of your wrist. With so many new smart watches coming out on the market to meet demand, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best to invest in. We took a look at the top contenders, and are proud to present you with our top 3.

Apple_Smart_Watch_3Apple Watch 3

If you happen to own an iPhone, or are planning to get one, this smart watch is our number one pick. Despite its predecessors still being available on the market, the Apple Watch 3 has out done itself with an array of new features.

One of the most exciting of these features is LTE Connectivity. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, LTE Connectivity allows you to use your watch as a cell phone, even when you leave your watch at home. As cool as this is, you can’t completely replace your phone with the watch, but it will let you make calls while out walking and receive text messages on your phone.

Another great feature of this watch is that it is much faster than previous watches. It features a new processor that makes loading times lightning fast, versus a somewhat sluggish performance in previous models. All in all we loved the Apple Watch 3, and highly recommend it.

 Fitbit Ionic

By now, everyone is familiar with what a fitbit is and what it can do. Fitbits are amazing little fitness trackers that let you track how many steps you take in a day, what your heart rate is, and even how well you sleep. Unfortunately, while they have a lot of features a smart watch has, they fall short of actually being one. At least, until now.

With an extra long four day battery life, GPS, and constant heart rate monitoring as part of the package, Fitbit Ionic has a lot to offer. It also offers 2.5GB of storage space for your music and apps, so you’ll be able to go for a run without necessarily having to bring your phone along.

Fitbit is still in development with its smart watches and there is definitely a lot that can be improved, but the progress made by this watch is well worth the purchase.

 Samsung Gear Sport

Most smart watches fall into one of two camps. Either it is designed more for people who want to use it more for running and fitness, such as those catered to by the Fitbit Ionic, or more for apps and messages, like those who enjoy the Apple Watch 3. Very few smart watches attempt to not just offer both, but do well at both. Samsung Gear Sport is a step in that direction.

It carries all the basic features of a typical fitness tracker – heart rate, how many steps you have taken, etc. plus a few extra features that make it more entertaining to stay active. Curious how many floors you’ve gone up and down? It can tell you.

It’s app side also has a set of nice features with the ability to quickly get messages and notifications, while at the same time easily navigate the screen. If you are looking for a good balance between fitness and email, this is the smartwatch for you.

If you’re ready to get a new smart watch and start enjoying all the perks of wearing one, you’ll love the smart watches we have presented above. You can stay active and quickly read text messages without having to get out your phone, making your life easier and more convenient.



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